Snowycones Flavour Syrup – Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Twin Pack 500 ml



Slushy machines continue to be very popular and quirky kitchen appliances.  Not only do they, as an adult, take you back to a simpler time during your childhood when you were treated to them by your parents at the fancy sit-down restaurant, carnival, seaside or sports centre;but if you have kids yourself, they are a great thing to have when they are thirsty for something special during the warmer months or during parties you may host for them and their friends.

Must Have Accessories For Slushy Machines And Snow Cone Makers

So, you’ve invested your hard earned money in a really cool and retro designed slush machine and you are taken back to your childhood right away.  What do you need next?  Well even if you received a pack of syrups with the machine you bought, as is standard for many models, you will still want to invest in additional syrups.  They tend to get used up very quickly and the packs you get with your slushy machine will not feature all of the flavour options that are out there.

Flavours The Take You Back In Time To Your Childhood

If you are looking for a very retro affair, then the Snowycones flavour syrups twin pack is just the item for you.  This pack features the two most common flavours, the ones you will probably remember best from the slush puppy machines used in restaurants etc. – Blue Raspberry and Strawberry.  Both are 500 ml, so there is more than enough syrup to make a lot of delicious snow cones and slushies before you need to replace them.

Why Should You Choose Snowycones Flavour Syrup – Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Twin Pack 500 ml?

Aside from the nostalgic reasons that these two flavours are the quintessential slushy flavours, you should choose the actual Snowycones syrups because they are made using natural cane sugar.  So, although no-one is going to say they are in any way shape or form healthy, you at least know some natural ingredients were used to create these tasty flavours.  Snowycones is a reputable British company who specialise in making retailer and customer focused slushy machines and accessories.

Customer Opinions

if you have looked at other things on our site, you will know that we are big advocates of looking at the customer reviews of products you intend to buy online.  It’s a good way of seeing if products are a good investment are not.  Looking at the reviews posted regarding this pack of syrups, it is clear that they are very popular, with the only the only real negative comment being that they have a tendency to run out rather quickly if you have a slush machine and use it regularly.


When looking for syrups to use either in conjunction with your brand new slush machine or to manually make slushies or snow cones, the Snowycones Flavour Syrups, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Twin Pack could be a very sound investment.  The only problem you may have is that you and your children may find them too addictive and one pack will soon become three and so on.


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