puppy machine

Slush Puppie machines are the ones that you will most likely recognise from your childhood and at a time these were everywhere from restaurants, cafes and other eateries to swimming pools, leisure centres and just about anywhere else that was designed or aimed at families with children.  Slush Puppie is not only the brand name but the product name for the original crushed ice drink that was first introduced in the 70’s. 

It was the brainchild of the owners Will and Phyllis Radcliff who came up with the name while they were sitting outside on the porch.  The idea behind the different spelling of the word puppy was that it would make the name stand out more and bring more attention to the brand.  Slush Puppie’s operations slowly grew in size from a small home address to a small warehouse to a manufacturing warehouse/plant and then finally making a home for itself in a purpose built building that is one of the main attractions in Cincinnati.

As I mentioned on the homepage I had initially looked into buying a Slush Puppie machine, or was at least curious to see if it was possible.  While it is definitely possible – the website http://www.slushpuppiemachine.com/usedslushmachines.html sells reconditioned and used machines – there are two major problems.

The first problem is that the above link is for a company that sells the authentic Slush Puppie machines who is US based.  Therefore, even if it were possible to have a machine shipped from the US to the UK, it would be very expensive indeed.  The second problem is that they are rather expensive as they are intended for commercial and industrial use.  Although it would undoubtedly add an even greater amount of nostalgia to your retro kitchen design, you may not have enough space for one and even if you did you probably wouldn’t want to spend the amount of money that these machines are on sale for when there are cheaper and more practical options available.

My advice is that although it would be a nice dream to have a piece of history in your home, if you are looking for a machine that will make slushy drinks, you should consider the ones reviewed on this website.  They may not have the iconic look of the original branded machines, but they still produce sweet and tasty drinks that are refreshing and cooling on a hot day – without costing the world!

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