One of the most important ingredients of any slushy drink, whether it’s  made by the traditional branded Slush Puppie machine or one of the many other brand machines that you can buy nowadays, is the actual slush machine syrup.  This is what is used to flavour the crushed ice and also gives your refreshing and thirst-quenching icy drink its colour.

On the original Slush Puppie machine the choice was simple – Blue Raspberry flavour or Strawberry flavour – blue or red, which was your favourite?  Mine was always red. I just always loved that particular flavour, though I had the blue one more than a few times as well.  My older brother preferred the blue, though I am not sure if he did prefer that flavour or deliberately chose a different flavour to have the opposite one from me and to be contrary on purpose.

Nowadays with home use slushy machines there are many more different flavours of syrup to choose from.  For the Slushie Maker machine, for instance, you can buy a pack of 6 flavours that will make a total of 12 full slushy mixtures.  The flavours are Raspberry, Strawberry, Pink Bubblegum, Pear Drop Apple, Blackcurrant and – surely a classic in the making – Lemon and Lime.

These flavours all taste as you would imagine they would. They do not have a hint of chemicals or any weird aftertastes to them.  So if you want to offer a wide range of different flavours to your kids and any guests you have round for parties then you need this pack of assorted flavours. It can also help to liven up BBQ’s and other forms of gatherings. Alternatively,  if you just want to chill on the porch on a peaceful and warm summer’s day then these tasty flavours could add a special touch to the occassion.

I should take this opportunity though to warn you that the one pack may not be enough, particularly if there is a flavour that you or someone else in your family or group of friends takes a shine to. You will probably want to buy a lot more than just 6 once you give them a try.