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What’s next?  You have chosen and bought a slush machine, some nice syrup, ice and even some glasses especially for your slushy drinks.  Well, no gadget nowadays would be complete without a selection of handy and fun accessories. Fortunately through sites like Amazon you can buy in bulk so that you never are short of the all-important straws and cones. If you are a fan of snow cones that is.

Imagine it’s a hot and sunny day and you fancy a nice long and refreshing slushy drink. But wait.  You discover that the last time you used your slush machine was the time that you had all those guests over and all your straws have been used.  This is just one of the situations you could avoid if you plan ahead and buy in bulk.

Spoon Straws (pack of 200)

Spoon Straws (pack of 200)

These are the perfect accessory for slush machine drinks because, as the name suggests, they double up as spoons and straws.  Therefore, whether you prefer to slurp your icy beverage or like to scoop some into your mouth like a pudding, you can with these spoon straws.

As there are 200 of them, you can buy a pack knowing you have a plentiful supply of spoon straws that will increase the enjoyment and ease of drinking your favourite slushy drink flavours for a long time.

Box of 200 Water Cones / cups 4oz capacity – 5142006

Box of 200 Water Cones cups 4oz capacity - 5142006

This is another essential item, particularly if you are fan of snow cones. They are also necessary if youentertain people regularly who are fans of snow cones themselves, or have kids who are fans of the American drink alternative.  The cones have a unique shape, similar to that of an ice cream cone, and are also very comfortable to hold.  You will never feel like you are running low on supplies when you buy this pack, as it contains 200 cones, each with a capacity of 4 oz.  Although 4 oz. is not the biggest serving of slushy/snow cone, you can always reuse one again and again if you like.

Both of these products are a must have whether you are buying or have bought a slush machine for use at your business or for family and friends in and around your home.

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