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If you have taken the time to browse our site already or have already looked through Google’s search results and saw that the choice on offer, you will probably feel a little intimidated.  Particularly if you are trying to find the right piece of equipment that meets your needs and requirements, that sits well in virtually any environment. 

VonShef Slushie Maker Teal Slushy Snow Cone Cup INCLUDES Spoon and Recipe Ideas

The funny thing is that not all snow cone and slushy machines are made the same.  Take this rather old school, but cool (forgive that pun) and effective slushie maker from VonShef.

About VonShef

When you see the branding of VonShef on a kitchen appliance, gadget or accessory, you know it means that it is made to the highest standard and is very innovative.  The company has been manufacturing cutting edge and industry leading products for a good couple of decades now and is often the brand of choice for many people.

Let’s see why you should bother with this seeming back step of a gizmo in our review of the VonShef slushie maker cone cup.

Boldly Is Not Powered By Electricity

In fact it is not powered by anything really.  In a bold move for a day and age when most gadgets and kitchen appliances are powered in some shape or form by battery or a mains adaptor, this VonShef slushie cup stands out as being very different.  You can’t connect it up and can’t plug it in anywhere and there is no “On/Off” switch.  To make slushies you simply take the inner cup and place it in your freezer to chill it, then add the ice and your syrup and let the Slushie Maker do its thing.

It really is as simple as that.  No electricity, no fuss, no hassle.  Just a well designed cup in the freezer and you have that trip down memory lane.

Attractive And Classy Cup Design

Considering how inexpensive this snow cone slushie cup maker is, it is truly astonishing just how attractively designed it is.  It comes in a nice teal greenish colour and has a very classy triangle pattern design around the cup, making it perfect for either young children looking for refreshment from playing outside in the blistering sunshine (you might be on holiday, so if that doesn’t sound like British weather you are familiar with, imagine being in Majorca or the Costa De Sol) or, you and your adult guests on those days in the summer when you just want an ice cold margarita, daiquiri or mimosa.

No Large Appliance Means Hassle-Free Maintenance

While you may have always thought you needed a fully electrical slushie maker, if you are not fond of having to clear up the mess when you use a normal blender or food processor, this is a great alternative.  Because it is just two cups, one inside the other, a spoon and a lid – there is really a limited amount of cleaning up required when you are finished using it.

Comes With All The Accessories You Need

VonShef are good at always ensuring that customers have exactly what they need when they purchase the company’s products and this slushie maker cup is no different.  As well as the outer and inner cup, as previously noted, you also get a lid and a handy spoon that clips to the side of the cup, so you can enjoy your tasty iced treats wherever you go.

Customer Opinions

We are very much of the school of thought on this website, that if you are going to purchase products from online – particularly those you are not able to go to a store and see up close; you should read through customer reviews submitted online about that product.  When you look at the reviews regarding this snow cone slushie cup from VonShef on Amazon UK, it is clear to see that it has been very favourably received from all who have purchased and used it.  Of the 12 people that left reviews, 9 gave it the full 5 stars, while 3 others gave it 4 stars.  This gave it the exceptionally high average of 4.8.


It may sound funny, but this is actually one of our favourite items we have reviewed for this site.  It has a back-to-basics and simplistic fun charm that seems to emphasise the nostalgia trip you want to go on by having a slushie maker at home.  Even if you are determined to purchase one of the electric slushy machines featured on this site, at such a low price, it could be worth investing in this as a back-up and more portable option.


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