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Although we are far from those warm summer days, when iced drinks are what you want and need to cool off, there is no real reason why you and your family or other members of your household should stop enjoying refreshing and great tasting slushy drinks just because there has been a temperature drop.  You don’t stop having ice cream or a chilled dessert after a meal just because it is winter, so there is no reason to stop having fun crushed ice drinks at parties and other social gatherings.

Home Slush Machine, Slushie Maker Kit 2 x 500ml Slush Flavours, Blue Raspberry and Cherry, 25 Cups and Strawspoons

Over the last couple of decades the home slush machine market has really exploded and there is now a wide array of different products available, many of which are reviewed on the pages of this site.  Regardless of your preferences and available budget, there is something for everyone.  If you are looking for a reasonable quality machine from a reputable brand that won’t break the bank too much, the Snowycones Home Slushie Maker Machine Kit may be the right product for you.

Let’s take a closer look at this machine and see why.

About Snowycones

Snowycones is a company based in Wales that has a simple, but effective retail model involving a very traditional Snow Cone set-up with a twist for the 21st century.  Although they mainly manufacture goods for consumers, they also offer a range of benefits for those looking to sell their products.

Stylish And Very Trendy Retro Design

The first thing that you notice when looking at the Slushie Maker Machine from Snowycones is just how aesthetically pleasing it actually is.  It has a very shiny and deep red metallic look that would not be out of place in a 50’s American diner.  Retro is still very much a trend these days and if you are looking for something that will fit in with your already quirky kitchen or something that will be a talking point at your next social gathering or party, then this machine is for you.

Makes 4 Drinks At Same Time

Although it is a very small and compact unit, it is still able to help you meet the demand for drinks.  Compared to even smaller machines, this is a much better option if you are entertaining a large group of children or having a party, as it will make 4 crushed ice slushies at the same time.  So your guests, young or old, won’t have to wait too long for those cool and refreshing drinks.

Easy To Use

Obviously, one of the major selling points of modern kitchen appliances is that they are user-friendly and this Home Slushie Maker machine from Snowycones is just that.  There is no complicated controls that you need to have an electrical or electronic engineering degree to figure out, you simply fill it with ice and your favourite syrups or flavourings and then press the button to let the slushie maker do the rest.

Easy To Maintain and Clean

Looking after gadgets can sometimes be quite a chore, particularly if they have not been designed with foresight about how they will be maintained.  Snowycones have ensured that this home slushie machine is very easy to clean and maintain, as the outside is all wipeable and the place where you put the ice and syrup and be rinsed and washed up – just as you would your normal dishes.

Comes With Great, Practical Accessories

Along with the actual slushie machine, you also get 2 exclusive Snowycones 500 ml syrup flavours, Blue Raspberry and Cherry, and 25 special cups and strawspoons to enjoy your drinks in.


There has been very few reviews submitted online regarding this product, so if you want a slush maker that has been reviewed by some customers who have used it, then you should look elsewhere.  However, if you are willing to take the small risk on this reasonably priced item, you could have the slushie machine you need.  Remember, it’s not just the kids who can enjoy slushies, as you can also make “grown-up” crushed drinks too with alcoholic beverages and things like coffee too.