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Do you have fond memories going out to dinner with your family or to the local sports centre or swimming pool and knowing that as well as the great fun or nice meal you were going to have, it also meant you were going to have a refreshing, vibrantly coloured and sickly sweet slush puppy?  Even if this was not the way you experienced slushy drinks, we are sure you will have had them once or twice in your lifetime.

Snow Cone Slushy Maker Gift Set with Paper Cones, Straws and Recipes by Sweet Treats

Shaved ice and some delicious syrup seemed like some miraculous thing back then.  Nowadays though, you can enjoy those miraculous and magical refreshing treats in your own home, with specially designed products like this Snow Cone Slushy Maker gift set.

Why should you invest in one of these machines?  Let’s take a look at this particular model in greater detail.

Convenient And Easy To Use

The manufacturers of this particular slush machine were not just thinking of the functionality of their product, but how it looks and the actual convenience of it.  This is specifically shown by just how well it has been designed, with you the user in mind.  In order to make tasty and icy cold treats, you simply fill the shaver bowl at the top of the machine with ice cubs, place the lid on securely and press down on it to grind up the ice and mix it with your chosen flavourings.

Here is the really nifty bit – the shaved ice and flavourings are dispensed directly into a paper cone, which is held in place below the dispenser.  So as well as being quick and easy, it is also ultra-convenient too.  If you want to make bigger volumes of slushies and snow cones, you can remove the paper cone holder and the crushed ice will drop into whatever container, cup or glass you hold under the machine.

Machine Comes With Accessories That Add Great Value For Money

When you are looking at the variety of slushy machines there is to choose from on the market, you will notice that even though the actual appliances differ greatly from one model to another; there is one thing they have in common – they all come with various accessories.  Not only do these accessories ensure that you are able to use the slushy machine from the day it arrives, they also increase the value of the machine and make it a better purchase.  This slushy maker is no different and comes complete with 20 paper cones, 20 special straws and a selection of recipes to help you get started.  The only thing this set does not feature is any start packs or bottles of syrups.

This should only be seen as a minor downside, as you can use virtually anything to flavour your shaved ice treats.

Funky Design, Perfect For Parties

The designers of this slush machine understand that we buy things with our eyes as well as what the actual product can do for us.  With very light colouring and a very retro shape and design, this slushy maker would look perfect on any retro kitchen, but not too stylised that it will look out of place in a variety of different decors.  Whether you are entertaining your adult friends or hosting a kid’s party for your children and all their buddies, this little gadget will be the talk of the event when the time comes to make those deliciously sweet and ice-cold treats.

Customer Opinions

It would be foolish to purchase something you have never seen up close and in person, just based on what the manufacturer or seller stated on a webpage.  This is why we always encourage customers to take some time to read through both the negative and positive reviews that are usually posted for products sold online.  When looking at the Amazon UK customer reviews for this slushy maker, it does not take a lot of time to see that it is a very popular product that has been received well by those who have parted with their cash.


It is worth pointing out in the conclusion of this review that this product is just shy of £30.  When you consider the price, the accessories and the thoughtful and funky design and functionality of this slushy machine, it is not hard to see why so many customers have praised it.


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