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As slush machines continue to be popular and manufacturers continue to supply the demand with more innovative and stylishly designed models; but many still looking like they were designed for children, you have to ask why it is that the kids should have all the fun?  Well SMART have obviously tried to change things a little by introducing the Margarator Pro Frozen Drinks Machine.  As well as being aimed at adults in terms of its functionality, it also looks a far cry from the average kid-friendly slush machines.

Before we take a closer look at all this slick and stylish frozen drinks maker, we will introduce you to the manufacturer behind it.

About SMART Worldwide

As a designer and manufacturer of small electrical appliances, SMART Worldwide have made it their goal to create only the most practical, most truly innovative and above all else, fun appliances and gadgets that both customers and retailers will get excited about.  They have two primary product ranges – the SMART Modern and SMART Nostalgia.

A Truly Grown-Up Frozen Drinks Maker

As the name suggests, the Margarator is a slushy machine with a truly adult slant.  As well as the very sophisticated design (we will get into that further down the page), the actual functionality has a mature slant.  This is a drinks machine for when the children are with the babysitter or are tucked up in bed and the adults want to let their hair down.  You still get that nostalgic texture of finely crushed ice, but the purpose of this machine is to make delicious and intoxicating cocktails and adult slushy drinks.  Whether you enjoy a pina colada, daiquiri, margarita or just want to add an interesting touch to your vodka and orange or rum and coke, you can with this slushie machine.

Modern And Sophisticated Design

Regardless of whether you are having an informal get together, a dinner party or a themed party of some kind, the SMART Margarator Pro frozen drink machine will never look out of place.  It is very clean, slick and sophisticated looking.  As well as being very mature looking it has also been designed so that it does not take as much space up on your counter tops as possible.  Rather than being fat and bulky like many of the slushy machines on the market, it is tall and slender and more like a juicer or blender.

Consistently Smooth Every Time

While some machines on the market, possibly because they are designed with kids in mind, do not produce shaved and crushed ice of the same consistency each and every time, you may be looking for something a little more refined for your dinner party guests.  Enter the Margarator, because not only does it look more refined; but thanks to its dual-swivel ice crunching system, it creates deliciously and pristinely smooth ice consistently every single time you use it.

User-Friendly In All Ways

SMART by name, SMART by design.  SMART Worldwide take the manufacturing of consumer products very seriously and are always looking to make appliances that are designed with the end user firmly in mind.  The Margarator is no different and is very simple to use.  Without even looking at the instruction manual, you could probably work out that you put the ice and the syrup into the top, put the lid back on and then press a button and leave the machine to do its funky thing and out of the spout and into your glass comes the thick and slushy tasty ice treat.

Customer Opinions

As of present there are no customer reviews submitted through the listing on Amazon UK.  However, if you were to base your decision on other SMART products you may have used or can view customer comments about, you will be pleasantly surprised.  It should also be noted that within the “Questions and Answers” section of the listing on Amazon there is at least two answers that suggest the appliance works as you’d expect and would want it to.


If you are tired of the 50’s American diner feel that a lot of slushy machines seem to have these days and want something that will fit in with your slick and sophisticated kitchen and the kind of grown up parties, meals and gatherings you intend to have, this is a very good option to consider.


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