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If you are buying a gift for someone important in your life, but it is one of those people that we all know who are so hard to buy for because they already seem to have everything.  We all know at least one of these people – regardless of whether they are a member of your family or in your wider social group of friends and associates.  They are also the type of people who usually like gadgets and quirky items.  Which is why we suggest you consider the Smart 5-in-1 retro slush and soft ice cream maker.

Slush machines and ice cream makers are nothing particularly new, but what we really like about this appliance is that in a space-saving convenient way, it combines the best of two different worlds to give you a truly unique and multi-use device.  Even if you have no intention of buying this for anyone else but yourself, we feel it may be a worthy investment.  Before we have a closer look at this multi-function product, we will look at the manufacturers behind it, Smart.

About SMART Worldwide

SMART Worldwide are a small electrical appliance manufacturer who have two main lines of products – the SMART Nostalgia and the SMART Modern branding.  They pride themselves in producing very practical and innovative appliances that also are very fun and designed with the explicit desire of exciting both retailers and consumers.

Fully Versatile Range Of Functions In One Machine

The SMART 5-in-1 retro slush and soft ice cream maker, as the name suggests is more than just a slush machine.  In fact it is more than just a soft scoop ice cream machine too.  It is actually one machine that offers you 5 different functions.  You can use it to either make slushies, soft ice cream, iced coffee, cocktails and thick shakes.  There are clear and easy to read instructions that outline how you go about making each of these tasty treats.

Therefore, if you are entertaining guests, hosting a kid’s or adult’s party, owning this could help ease the headaches of trying to keep all your guests happy, while keeping them dazzled at the same time.  If this is intended as a gift, the versatile functionality certainly makes it a good choice.  Although you may find individual items that carry out each of the SMART 5-in-1’s functions much more effectively, if you wanted all of those functions in separate machines, you’d have very busy and cluttered kitchen counter tops.

Space Saving And Attractive Design

Even though it has five very different functions, it still is a relatively compact and conveniently designed appliance.  It will not take up too much space on your counter tops and has a very attractive and slick look.

Simple To User And Even Easier To Clean

Much like any of the other slush machines on the market, SMART Worldwide have ensured that this particular model is relatively simple to use.  Whether you opt for making ice cream of a slushy drink or one of the other options listed further up the page, there are clear instructions and there is nothing too taxing involved in the preparation.

Customer Opinions

Oddly, for something this clever and slick, the customers who have bought one, depending on which listing you look, are divided over whether it is a very good product or a very bad one.  As always when using customer reviews online as a useful resource for purchasing products, you need to look at the overall opinion.  Read the negative reviews and the positive ones, to get as clear an idea as you possibly can what it would be like owning and using this slush maker and ice cream maker, before parting with your hard earned cash for it.


We still feel that this is a product worthy of highlighted, not least of all because of just how attractive it is, but the versatile functionality.  Yes, it does cost a lot more than the average basic slushy machine, but what SMART Worldwide have done is make more than just a basic slush machine.  However, it would be wrong to tell you to whole heartedly click on buy and put your trust in it, as there have been many customers who had a bad experience using it.

So, think carefully about it…weigh up all the great points mentioned in our review against all of the negatives and see if you feel it is worth the risk.

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