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While there are many brands of slush machines that you will never have heard of, and perhaps that is for the best; there are some that you definitely should become familiar with.  One of these brands is Lickleys. 

Stylish Cream Slush Maker Frozen Ice Shaver with Blue raspberry and strawberry, free straws and 2 x 330ml bottles of Syrup

We have already featured a Lickleys slushy and snow cone machine on this website, but as we are big fans of this company, we felt it was only right that we wrote up a review for the other home slushy machine they have for sale at the moment.

With a slightly different design to the other model, but with a very similar look and feel; before we look at this model in greater detail, it is a good idea to learn a little more about the renowned manufacturers behind its conception.

About Lickleys

Lickleys is a confectionery company located in the UK who have been producing appliances and accessories since its inception in 2013 with the distinct goal of bringing everyone’s favourite favourite treats that they are more likely to find at the carnival or seaside into the comfort of their own home.  Among their best selling products are their slushy machines and candy floss makers, as well as their own range of syrups and flavourings that can be used with these machines.

2 Types Of Iced Treats In One Compact Machine

In the same way as the other Lickleys slush machine we have reviewed on this site, this very stylish cream colour slush maker and frozen ice shaver comes with 2 different ice size options.  This gives you the option of making either snow cones or slushy drinks.  Although the difference may seem small between these two different types of refreshingly ice-cold treats, it is enough of a difference for the real connoisseur to notice.  If you are looking to get enough bang to justify spending a little more, then this could be the machine that gives you it.

Large 1 Litre Capacity Bowl

Some slush makers on the market, in order for the manufacturers to keep them compact and convenient, do not actually feature a particularly large capacity ice bowl.  This Lickleys model, like the alternative model from the company, is very different.  It comes equipped with a 1 litre capacity bowl – an ideal size for any type of party or social gathering when you are trying to keep your guests happy and quench their thirsts.

Easy To Use And Even Easier To Clean

Lickleys know the connection between appliances being easy to use and how fun and practical their customers will find them.  Therefore, they have ensured that this machine is intuitively easy to use.  Simply add the ice and some form of flavouring, select whether you want slushy or snow cone style ice and let the machine do all the hard for for you.  It only takes minutes to make a full batch of your favourite iced treats.

Comes With Fun Accessories To Get You Started

Although you can use virtually any type of flavouring for your iced treats, if you are looking at this as a nostalgic purchase, there are two flavours you will want to have – blue raspberry and strawberry.  The good news is that Lickleys realise the importance of having some syrups to get you started when you first purchase one of these babies.  That is why they have included two 330 ml bottles of those very flavours, so that you can make great tasting and very cold reminders of your childhood.

Customer Opinions

There are some brands who seem to be able capable of doing no wrong, and judging by the opinions of the customers who left reviews of this slush machine on Amazon UK, Lickleys is one such company.  Okay, so there is only three reviews at the moment, but none of those three reviews rated the product less than 4 stars.


As it is a mid priced product, you should spend a little bit of time looking at various aspects of this machine.  If it comes within your available budget, you then need to look at the functionality, if it will look good in your kitchen and whether the general opinion of it is good or bad.

We could praise and laud over this slush machine all we wanted to, but the final decision will always be yours.


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