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It’s funny the kind of things that stick with you from your childhood and the emotions attached to some of these things, isn’t it?  It’s often, for example, the smaller things that mean the most and that resonate in our minds stronger, such as going to the park and having an ice cream or going to the seaside and having a fish supper before buying a stick of rock (and enough for your friends at school!)  Or if you are like us – enjoying a nice hot summer day (okay, as hot as we are ever able to have in the UK) and enjoying a nice and refreshing, crushed ice slushy.  Yum!

Unless you have been hiding out somewhere, you probably already know that you don’t need to go out to a store or somewhere special to get that authentic and icy trip down memory lane that only a brain freezing slushie drink can give you.  Nowadays, you can purchase miniature machines for your kitchen that replicate the magic.  Products like the like this Party Snow Cone Maker from Lickleys.

About Lickleys

Established in 2013, Lickleys are a specialist confectionery company that have carved a niche in the fairground and seaside treats market.  They manufacture appliances and accessories for the home market with the aim of taking much-loved treats such as candy floss and slush puppies into their customer’s homes.

2 Options For 2 Different Types Of Treats

This particular machine is placed more in the mid-range price bracket.  However, don’t be put off as it appears to offer great value for money.  Instead of just one setting for all drinks, you can actually choose whether you want to make slushies or snow cones.  This adds an extra dimension to the kind of treats you can produce with this machine, which some other models in the same price range can’t.

Simple But Effective

When you have a bunch of thirsty kids or adult guests at a party or some other kind of social gathering, when you get the slushie machine out and start taking orders, the last thing you want to have to do is take the manual out to remind yourself how to use the thing.  With this Lickleys model this is fortunately not an issue.  It is relatively simple to use – add ice cubes, select the shaved ice size you want (for Snow Cones or Slushies), add the desired slushie syrup and let the machine do all the hard work.

You can even add alcoholic syrups and other drinks to make adult snow cones and slushy drinks.

Features 1 Litre Capacity Bowl

Some slushy machines you will find on the market are more than just a little compact.  This is not ideal if you know you are going to be entertaining a large group of people.  Enter the slushy machine from Lickleys.  Although it still maintains a very compact and practical size that won’t take up too much space on your counter top, it features a 1 litre capacity bowl, which is a great size for any party or social gathering.

Comes With Handy And Fun Accessories

As with most slushy machines on the market, this model from Lickleys comes with some great accessories that are a lot of fun, as well as being practical.  To help get your slushy exploration started, it comes with 6 different flavours of slushy/snow cone syrups – the all-time classic Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon and Lime, Pink Bubblegum, Pear Drop and Orange.  So even the first time you use it you will be able to make truly authentic and nostalgic shaved ice treats.  Along with syrups you also get a supply of cups and strawspoons.

Customer Opinion

It’s always good, if possible, to check out what other people who have actually bought and used a product online, thought of it.  When it comes to this slushy machine from Lickleys, there is a clear majority of customers who were and are really happy with their purchase.  19 of the 23 people who reviewed it gave it the full 4 stars and the only downside seems to be that it can be slow sometimes to crush a lot of ice at once.


We are sure that you will agree that despite the fact it has a higher price than some machines on the market, the slushy machine from Lickleys more than makes up for it with sheer value.  It looks good, comes with 2 different ice size options and a lot of great accessories.  Would be a shame to dismiss this one too easily.


Home Slush Machine, Slushie Maker Kit 2 x 500ml Slush Flavours, Blue Raspberry and Cherry, 25 Cups and Strawspoons, click here.