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UPDATE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE. You might choose from the following slush machines:

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Giles & Posner Retro Slush Maker


If you have a passion for all things retro, then this slush maker might be the one for you.  It is part of Giles & Posner’s Retro Range and will instantly transport you to a 1950s diner or kitchen with its deep red colour and old fashioned look.  As well as looking great, it is also really easy to use and is the perfect addition to any gathering or party, whether indoors or outdoors.  To make slush drinks with this particular maker you just need to use crushed ice or ice cubes with a small amount of water and your preferred juice or syrup.  It blends and mixes the ice and syrup before dispensing the finished slushy within 10 to 20 minutes through the easy pour spout.

Looking at the reviews of this slush machine on Amazon there are many different ratings, but there is a clear majority of 15 reviewers who gave it the full 5 stars.  When you actually read through the majority of the reviews, both the good and bad ones, you realise that there are two sides to the story.  The positive reviews are very positive, while the negative reviews are generally very negative.  This slush machine seems to give customers experiences of both extremes.

The funny thing is that the good reviews cancel out what is said in the bad ones.  While most of the bad ones suggest that this product only makes a cold drink and not the slushy it should; the good reviews suggest that if you follow the instructions correctly, that it makes slushy drinks perfectly.  This suggest that there does seem to be a certain knack to getting it right.

As suggested by the positive reviews, if you are going to get this slush machine you need to remember to put at least 6 tablespoons of salt into the centre of the machine.  Don’t worry about using that much salt as it does not get added to your actual drink, but is only there to raise the temperature a little.  It is also important that you remember to chill/freeze the drink you intend to use beforehand as this will produce slush drinks that are most like the ones you can buy from shops and other places.

Another point raised by some of the reviewers is to ensure that you have enough ice in supply before you use this machine, as it does require quite a lot.  Weighing up both the pros and cons of this particular machine, I would recommend it to anyone who perhaps is not wanting something can just be used straight away on a whim, but rather someone who would use it more for special occasions and get-togethers!


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