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Before we go any further with this review, we need to ask you just one question and one question alone – Do you want to build a snow cone?  Sorry, we apologise wholeheartedly for that cheesy joke, but we really couldn’t resist.  Yes, this particular review is all about the Disney Olaf (the snowman from Frozen) slush maker machine.  When there is so much movie merchandising than you just can’t figure out where the link between the actual product and the film is, never has there been a product that so aptly combined with a film than this slush machine in the design of the loveable comic relief character, Olaf.  It certainly makes a lot more sense than a car bumper sticker in the shape of Woody from Toy Story or a  hairbrush in the shape of the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Frozen Slush Maker Olaf Ice Crusher Drink Snow Cone Party Slush Maker Machine by Disney

We really shouldn’t need to say much more about Frozen other than it is a story about two sisters, one of them who has incredible, ice-themed special powers and the other is just kinda…cute?  A story about women not relying on men to save them, about discovering themselves and being okay with what they discover and about talking animated snowmen.  Anyway, if you have kids…they will probably want this, so let’s look at this fun little slushy machine in greater detail.

Faithfully Designed Disney Product – Looks Just Like Olaf!

Well, the first thing worth discussing before anything else is the main reason why, if you have a child of a certain age who loves the film Frozen, they would want this particular snow cone and slush maker.  Because of the faithfully reproduced Olaf the Snowman design.  It looks exactly like that little snowman.  From the quirky and friendly eyes and his adorable arms that look like they want to give you a cuddle.  The only thing that is very un-Olaf is the crank on his back…but that is necessary for using this to crush ice and make delicious, frozen treats.


Let’s face the facts – if you have this in your kitchen and offer to make your child a nice slushy or snow cone, they are going to want to help.  So it’s great that Disney have designed a handy and seemingly effective little machine that will crush ice and make those sweet treats; even if it’s a 8 year old that is turning the crank.  Add ice, add syrupy stuff, turn the crank and then it is ready to be poured out into cups or cones.  Soon all your kids and their friends will be asking each other if they want to make a snow cone and you will remember the time when that joke was even remotely funny.

Versatile As Any Slushy Machine

Although there are specially produced slush machine syrups and flavourings that you can buy in a variety of different flavours, including the old classic blue raspberry; there are more to slush machines than just those flavours.  You can have a slush machine that tastes of any flavour you want it to.  Take your child’s favourite drink, add it to the machine, add the ice, and then crank the handle – there you have it, a totally unique flavoured frozen treat.

Customer Opinions

Although there were no customer reviews submitted regarding this product at the time this review was posted, we think it is safe to assume that as a Disney-affiliated product, it is probably of very good quality.  If you are still unsure whether to trust it or not, you could look to reviews of other products from Disney and see if they have been received favourably.


We could blab and blab all day about the ins and outs of this ice crushing slushy maker, but the bottom line is that it’s a Frozen-related product, is a design based on the loveable snowman from that film and if your child loves Frozen and you want to get them a frozen treat machine, you will probably get this regardless of whether it is good or not.  The great thing is that for an official piece of merchandise, it is not actually particularly expensive, all things considered.


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