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Chrome Ice Crusher by bardrinkstuff Manual Ice Crusher, Ice Grinder, Ice Chopper

The next product I have chosen to review is, much like the Andrew James machine, not actually a slush machine but rather an ice crusher.  This is an extra special ice crusher in my opinion as it is very retro in design and function.  Rather than pushing a button to grind the ice, you have to use a little bit of elbow grease to get that lovely icy snow.

Chrome Ice Crusher by bar – drinkstuff – Manual Ice Crusher with Ice Tray and Scoop, Ice Grinder, Ice Chopper

Yes, if you get a kick out of all things retro then you will surely love the fact that this ice crusher is manual.  What could be more satisfying than crushing your own ice and knowing that you put all the energy and power into crushing it?  This would be a perfect talking point for get togethers and parties. You could encourage your guests to help out when making cocktails or, if you are having a lot of kids round, slush drinks.

There are around 28 reviews on Amazon and the majority of these reviews either give it 4 or 5 star ratings.  This shows that customers have had mostly positive experiences purchasing and using the appliance.  The thing that customers seem to agree upon is that it has a very sturdy and robust build, but they also point out that you shouldn’t be too rough with it.

There were even one or two reviews by customers who use it in a semi-commercial environment and they were also impressed with the design of the crusher for such a low price.  Customers also made the point that even if it does require a bit of effort to crush ice, it is a much better alternative to trying to crush ice in a standard blender and possibly damaging it.

The novelty factor definitely plays a big part in the success of this crusher. In comparison to electric devices and appliances that are either ice crushers or have ice crushing capabilities, it does seem that this is the best option.  In a day and age in which automatic and instant appliances are all the rage, this is a rarity and would be a real crowd pleaser at a party because of the retro and nostalgic nature of having to exert your own power to crush the ice.

Simply put, if you don’t want to spend too much money on an ice crusher for the purpose of making slushy drinks or cocktails I would strongly recommend this device.  It will also be perfect for little kids because you could make it a challenge. After all, if they want a slushy they will have to put the work in to make it.  You will definitely need to supervise them, but that is part of the joy, is it not?


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