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When you are looking at the wide array of slushie makers and ice crushing machines, you perhaps would be most surprised to note that while some have wildly different designs and constructions from one another, most have the same basic look and a huge percentage are highly retro in their colouring and design.  It can be hard then to pick out one that is less generic looking.  However, if you are looking for a fairly unique slushy maker, the Ariete Party Time 78Sweet Granita might be the one for you.

Before we delve deeper and look at what the Ariete Party Time 78 Sweet Granita has to offer you, we will take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the manufacturer.

About Ariete

Located in the heart of beautiful and idyllic Tuscany, a location famous for strokes of genius and creativity, Ariete has been producing small electrical appliances there since early in 1964, since it was established.  The company has always strived to design and manufacture products that are simple but have ingenuity and in 1995 the company was incorporated into the company Kenwood Appliances UK and from 2001 onwards it has become a part of the DeLonghi Group.

Striking And Unique Design And Construction

Unlike many of the slush machines out there, Ariete have taken a very different approach with their design of the Sweet Granita Party Time model.  Instead of a mostly covered in housing Ice compartment, the Party Time features it on display.  In fact you place the ice into a little bowl that features a stainless steel blade and then you clip it all into place so the bowl with the blade that crushes the ice is above the stand for your glasses or cups.  It just has a different look to the more traditional spout and tall vertical, blender-like design.

Easy To Use And Even Easier To Maintain

Ariete always look to create products that are not only special and innovative, but simplistic and that don’t feel like a chore to operate.  The Party Time slushy maker ticks all of those criteria boxes.  Like most slush machines on the market, the concept is simple – put ice cubes into the ice crushing basket, replace the lid, turn the machine on and dispense smooth and ice-cold flakes into a cup or glass.  Add the syrup or other flavouring and you are good to go.

In addition to being really rather easy to operate, Ariete have also ensured that their Party Time slush maker is very easy to clean.  In fact any part involved in the crushing of the ice or mixing of the syrup processes can be detached and washed.  This is great for anyone who knows what a struggle it can be to clean and wash up blenders and other food processors in the past.  Simply de-clip and detach everything and wash it all in hot soapy water.  Nothing too difficult there.

Customer Opinions

The interesting thing when shopping online and looking at customer reviews for products is you will normally, if it is something that is popular, have a high percentage of reviewers who really liked it.  Although there may be a considerable number of negative comments, but these are generally outnumbered by the positives.

With this Party Time slushy machine from Ariete though, there are just two customer reviews and one scored it the full 5 stars, while the other funnily enough, scored it the lowest rating.  This makes the use of customer reviews as a determining factor when trying to figure out if you should buy something or not, rather inconclusive.

On the one hand, you have a customer raving about how great an appliance it is, while on the other side they are more or less telling people to avoid the machine.  While the negative reviewer (who sent the machine back for a full refund) suggested that it would take a lifetime to crush just 1 ice cube; the positive reviewer was raving about how it only took seconds to turn ice and flavourings into a slushy treat.


This is a tricky review to conclude on, as it doesn’t feel as if there has been a strong argument for either side.  However, if you want a reasonably inexpensive slushy maker and want to take a risk on a hardly-reviewed product form a reputable company, this may be the slushy maker you’ve been looking for for a long time.


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