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Although many of the slushy machines on the market these days that are produced by a renowned and reputable brand are generally in the higher price brackets, if you look closely enough you will find some great bargain priced products that still have a high quality brand name stamped on them.  Take this Electric Ice Crusher and Slush Maker from Andrew James as a case in point.  A company known for their ingenuity and innovation as well as practicality when it comes to designing and manufacturing small electric appliances for the kitchen, it’s amazing that this machine is not closer to £100.

Before we take a look at many of the other reasons why you should consider this particular slushy machine, let’s briefly introduce you to Andrew James, the company behind the machine.

About Andrew James

You may not have realised by Andrew James is a hugely progressive, family-owned and run online retailer that was establish in 2003 by two cousins.  One man called Andrew and the other called James, which is exactly where they got the company name from.  They have carved a niche in the kitchen gadgets and equipment market.  Nowadays, as well as the thriving kitchen appliance lines, they have also been working on their accessories and other handy items.

So what has this Andrew James slush machine got, that others don’t?  Let’s see…

Gorgeous Design And Set-Up

When you come across this slush machine, we don’t know how you feel, but it makes us want to sit and look at the picture and marvel.  it really is that attractive.  Even though it looks bulky and obtrusively shaped and designed, it is actually rather small and compact, which is excellent if you are already trying to find somewhere to put it.

Equipped With The Choice Of Crushed Ice Type

As well as looking pretty, it also lives up to its title and does the job you expect it to, hope it will and does it rather well.  As if slushies weren’t already fairly versatile in terms of flavours, with the Andrew James Electric Ice Crusher and Slush Maker you have the choice of coarse or fine crushed ice.  Although that is only a small detail…it’s those small details that add up to make this slush machine one of our favourites.

Features Large 1 Litre Capacity

Size matters, is a phrase you don’t often here, but it is quite apt if you are looking for a slush machine that will be suitably sized for a party or social gather you may be having.  Although there is always going to be a limit on home use machines, there are companies out there who are answering the call for larger capacity equipment and machines.  The Andrew James is loaded with ice in a very similar way to other models on the market – via the ice chamber at the top.  You then pour on your syrup or flavourings, replace the lid and select your ice consistency and you are good to go.  The resulting slushy then will come through the spout and will fill the 1 litre capacity jug.

Customer Opinions

As you’d probably expect, if you had heard about Andrew James and their products before today, the reviews submitted online have been largely positive.  13 out of 18 reviewers in total awarded it the full 5 star rating.  It is crucial though that you don’t just hone in on the positives, no matter how big the gap is between is.  Anyway, the thing most positive reviewers said was that the slushies made from this machine are some of the best they had ever tasted.


While it would be wrong to just rush in and buy it based on the name, ignoring the price and whether it will suit your needs; when the company in question is Andrew James, we are more likely to understand why.  Whatever way you look at it, this is a great piece of kitchen equipment and has been well made to exacting standards and performs as well as models much more expensive.  Give it some thought, but do not overlook this so readily.


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