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Is there any better way to enjoy the long and hot sunny days of summer, than sitting in the garden or comfort of your own home enjoying a deliciously sweet and ice cold treat?  Even when it is not particularly warm, it is still  nice to be able to have a slushie. 

4 Multi Pack of 500ml Slushie Syrup – Mango, Strawberry, Cola and Blue Raspberry Slush Syrup

In the past, if you wanted a slushy drink or snow cone, you would have to go out to the local mall, restaurant, sports centre or fairground.  You’d have to leave the house.  All of that has changed nowadays, thanks to the creation of home slushy machines.

Why Additional Syrups Are Important Accessories

Now you are obviously here because you have either already have a slushie maker at home or have bought one or at the very least considering buying one, because you want to find out more about this great 4 Multi pack of 500 ml Slushie Syrups from JM Posner.  If you are new to the world of slush machines, the reason why you should invest in additional packs is simple – you can never have too many.  even if the particular machine you are buying, comes packaged with a starter set of syrups, they will probably be small amounts and you may not even get a good variety of flavours.

Those starter packs usually consist of the main classic flavours we are all familiar with – the red and the blue, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry.  And although these are tasty, one of the great things about slushies is their versatility.

A Flavour For Everyone

There is a whole world of different flavours out there for you to try, just like this 4 Multi Pack of 500 ml Slushie Syrups.  Not only do you get Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, but you also get delicious Cola and exotic Mango.  Having additional flavours to choose from means that you, your family and any guests you are entertaining will have a wider range of options.  It means that even the most discerning and fussy will be able to find a flavour that they enjoy.

Customer Opinions

Even when you are purchasing a product with the highly reputable name of JM Posner emblazoned on it, you should still conduct a reasonable amount of research to ensure that it lives up to the exacting standards you would expect of the company.  The best way to do this, in conjunction with reading a review such as this one and the manufacturer’s details is by consulting with the customer reviews submitted by people who have purchased and tried the product on Amazon UK.

When you look at the reviews posted regarding this pack of syrups, it is clear to see that despite a couple of negative reviews (that appear to be a packing issue, rather than a product issue), the overwhelming response is good.  Customers repeatedly praise the flavours and the company.


Generally you can expect to pay more for something with a brand name.  However, with this 4 Multi Pack of 500 ml Slushie Syrups from JM Posner, you are paying a very competitive price that is not much higher or lower than other products available; but, with the extra assurance that you know it is going to be high quality.  Therefore, if you want a small, but good pack of flavours for your kids to try, this may be the best choice for you.


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