The Funskool Mr Frosty Playset

The Funskool Mr Frosty Playset


Everyone and anyone of a certain age will remember this particular slushy maker.  Even if you didn’t have a Mr Frosty Cool Crunchy Ice Maker, you probably knew one or more friends who had one.  We had one in our house and they were always a lot of fun, especially when friends were over.

You got the machine itself, 2 ice cube trays, 3 lolly moulds, 1 juice applicator bottle, 2 bowls and 2 spoons – basically everything you need for an icy, fruity fun filled time.  Although they never turned out quite as good as the TV and magazine adverts promised, that was not really the point.  The point was the fun you had making the icy drinks and of course the giant mess you made of your parents kitchen.  My poor mum would always be complaining about how messy the worktops got whenever we got Mr Frosty out.

I still vividly remember being aware that I was much older when mum started making me help clean up the mess my friends and I made.  They always found it hilarious watching me trying to clear up the sticky mess with a cloth on the kitchen sides and a mop on the kitchen floor.

Highly nostalgic, and amazing good fun, the Mr Frosty machine was the closest thing to having the taste and look of a slushy drink made in the comfort of your own home back in the old days.  It was fun during the summer months especially as you had lolly moulds which were a great alternative to having the more straight forward slushy drink with a straw and spoon.

Another great benefit to this iced drink maker was that you didn’t have to stick to a particular type of syrup to flavour your slushies, as you could use any type of drink.  Therefore, if you were more a fan of strawberry or other fruit flavoured drinks, or if preferred a milky drink, you could use the Mr Frosty to make the crushed ice beverage of your choice.

Although my mum did complain a lot about the fuss and mess that the machine caused, she couldn’t deny how much fun it was to use.  As an adult now, I can imagine using this with my own kids and imagine that even in this modern day and age with modern technology and gadgets that they would still enjoy the old-school appeal of the Mr Frosty crushed ice maker.

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