If you have always wondered how those nostalgia-filled Slush Puppies you remember from your childhood were made, then wonder no more.  With a Slushie Maker it is really very easy.  Simple to follow instructions and a very fast action that produces tasty results every time.  Not only is there little to no fuss when creating Slush Puppies with one of these machines, you don’t need to spend lots of money on the ingredients and there is no mess whatsoever.

To use, simply load ice into the Slushie Maker, add a tiny bit of ordinary table salt and the juice, beverage or flavouring of your preference and you are ready to go!  Once the Slushie Maker starts to work it only takes a few minutes to produce an icy and delicious fruity slush drink.  These machines make a total of 1 litre of slushy drink so it is perfect when you have guests who all want an icy treat to drink, particularly on a hot day!

One of the best things about a Slushie Maker, from an adult’s point of view, is that you can also make alcoholic slush drinks.  Imagine having a frozen Mojito or Margarita on a hot Sunday afternoon – total bliss!  For the best results you need to add the alcohol at the end because if you add it too early in the process it will affect the overall quality of your slushy drink.

Different Versions

The brilliant thing about Slush Puppies is variety and there is simply no limit to the different flavours and recipes you can use.  To give you some ideas to get started with, I have given you a couple of recipes.

Early Morning Zinger

  • 227ml or 8oz of fresh Grapefruit Juice
  • 56ml or 2oz of fresh Lemon Juice
  • 56ml or 2oz of fresh Apple Juice

Pour all the ingredients into the Slushie Maker and run the machine until it produces the consistency you desire.

Grape And Watermelon Cooler

  • 4 Slices of fresh and ripe Watermelon, with the seeds removed
  • 160 grams of Green or Red Seedless Grapes
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey

Start by mashing all the grapes together in a bowl.   Next, remove the skin and seeds from the watermelon and then cut it into very small pieces.  Place the fruit in a blender and whiz until it has been broken down.  Now take the mixture and add it to your  Slushie Maker.  Run the Slushie Maker for at least 20 minutes to produce a thirst quenching slushy that is perfect for drinking on the patio.

Tips on How to Get Even Better Results

Once your fruity liquid is ready, it is sensible to let it chill for some time in either the freezer or the fridge before you pour it into Slushie Maker.  As doing this will help speed the freezing process up.

If the liquid you are using contains high amounts of sugar, it will normally take less time for it to get to the right consistency than a mixture that contains low levels of sugar or milk.

Try to avoid using thick mixtures, such as whipped cream, as you will always have better results if you start with very thin ingredients.

It is important to not run the machine for longer than you have to.  40 minutes is generally a good period of time.  Therefore, if your slushy drink isn’t ready after 40 minutes, then you should turn the machine off and look over your recipe again.

Although you can used carbonated drinks to make slushies, they don’t freezer easily.

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