If you have a commercial business or business premises and are interested in slush machine hire, you’ve come to the right place.  On this page you will find out how it works, what you have to do and even a little about how it could benefit you.

What Exactly Is Slush Machine Leasing/Hiring

Leasing a slush machine is essentially renting it with a view to owning it once the contract is complete.  Slush machine hire in the form of leasing is something that a lot of businesses are already benefiting from and is slightly different from renting for a number of reasons.  Often, companies that offer machine rentals only have second hand machines and machines of much lower quality that they will offer to you and usually you will be locked into a slush syrup purchasing agreement and it all will be at ridiculously high prices.

In comparison, some of the biggest and most impressive advantages of leasing out a slush machine are:

  • You are not expected to make a large, up-front investment, which means you will have access to a high quality slush machine and the syrups you require as soon as they can be delivered to you.
  • Easy to stick to budgeting – you are usually able to lease from as low a daily charge as £1.50 a day, which works out under the £50 a month mark
  • Decreased tax liability on the profits you make from your leased slush machine as lease rental payments are always 100% tax deductible.
  • When you leasing you can keep hold of your working capital.

An example of a couple of lease options that you may be faced with having to choose between are

Lease Rental

This involves 35 months, is 100 % tax deductible with a 21% tax relief and you are expected to pay at the end of the contract term.

Lease Purchase

Lease purchase, as the title hints, is about leasing a slush machine with the view to buying it once you have paid the amount owed in your contract.  The contract often will last for around 35 months and unfortunately in this situation and option, it is not 100% tax deductible.

How Do You Go About Leasing A Slush Machine?

You would start by choosing the machine you prefer and the type of lease that suits you best.  You will then be quoted, unless the prices stated are sett or fixed.  A lot of it will depend on your business standings and success.  For example, a fully established small business that has been operational for 3 years or even more, is more likely to receive a lower leasing price than a business start-up or a sole trader without the years of operation under their belt.  Although leasing contracts are usually subject to status and the results of a credit check by the leasing company, many of the more reputable and popular companies have highly success rates with their lease proposals.

Understanding The Set-up Costs

When leasing commercially, there is always a one-off set-up fee that can range from £99 to around £150.  However, the only deposit you are expected to pay will normally be one month’s payment.  By far the most popular, widely available and widely used lease term is 36 months.  So you would be expected to sign up and agree to deposit of 1 month plus the additional 35 months of the contract.  No two companies will generally have the same attitude to leasing their equipment or same allowances and benefits and may expect you to pay deposit plus 37 or even 3 month’s upfront payment as deposit plus 36 months.  The last will obviously save you more money as you are using a shorter payment plan.

Is It Easy To Get A Slush Machine Lease?

Yes.  If your business meets the appropriate criteria, it will be very simple obtaining your slush ,machine lease.

What Happens When Your Lease Is Completed?

When you have reached the end of your lease, all payments will stop being taken from your account.  However, you may still receive offers and options such as

  • Purchase the title for one month”s payment plus a smaller admin charge.
  • Continuing renting the equipment from the company at a greatly reduced price this time (Could be as much as a 50 to 75% discount)
  • Give You A  Machine Upgrade – you will normally have the option to be given a newer, upgraded machine in exchange for the old one and be given a discounted leasing rate.
  • Return the equipment back to the leasers at their expense.

Another key benefit of choosing to take out a leased slush machine is that the leaser will often give you enough slush products to use with the machine in the starter pack to pay for the majority of the lease payments you are expected to pay.  It is actually not too rare that customers settle their lease within just 3 months of receiving the machine and the associated supplies.

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