6 Multi Flavours Slush, Cocktail Syrups By Event Drinks



Slushy machines are a great thing to invest if you have children or host a lot of parties and social gatherings such as BBQs and other events.  Most people will have some kind of memories that revolve around slush puppies and snow cones.  If you are like us, your mouth may even curl up into a smile whenever you see those machines with the sickly sweet blue and red mixtures at cinemas, restaurants and other places such as seaside kiosks and sports centres.  Over the last ten years or more, however, with the introduction of home slushy machines, you do not need to even leave your house to get that brain freeze sickly sweet hit.

When it comes to purchasing one of these convenient and fun gadgets though, there is something else you should also set aside some money – additional syrups and flavourings for your machine.  Many slushie makers come with a starter pack of syrups for making delicious treats as soon as you take it out of its box and set it up.  However, these usually have very small volumes so you do not get a lot and you will find, particularly if you purchase your slush machine during the summer months or host a lot of parties, that the start pack runs out very quickly.  This is why you really need to buy a back-up supply so you are not caught short.

Another reason for purchasing additional packs of flavourings and syrups for your slushie maker or snow cone machine is to give you, your household and any guests you have access to a greater range of flavours.  Starter packs and free syrups that come with your machine usually feature only a small number of flavours, 2 to 3 is the average and although the flavours are not bad, they are generally not very adventurous.  You often get the Blue Raspberry (that vibrant blue coloured flavour you remember from your childhood), Strawberry and maybe an Orange or Lemon And Lime.  By purchasing an additional pack like this pack of 6 multi flavour slush, cocktail syrups in 500 ml bottles, you have a wider range of choices.

This particular pack of syrups features Energy Drink, Margarita, Orange, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Lemon And Lime; so there is bound to be something that even the fussiest and most discerning child or adult will enjoy.  The bottles feature handy screw top lids and each bottle is capable of making around 3 and half litres of slushy; so they won’t run out very quickly.

Customer Opinions

As is the case with most syrup packs, this particular collection has been received very favourably by customers who have submitted reviews on Amazon UK.  While there are a number of 3 and 4 star rated reviews, the vast majority (26 out of 33) have awarded it the full 5 stars.  As some of the less favourable reviews point towards flavours not being to that particular customer’s preference or taste; it is not exactly a negative mark for the product overall.


When looking at syrups it is a good idea to think about the kind of flavours you might like, as generally speaking they all appear to score similarly from customers.  Therefore, the range of flavours should be a deciding factor as well as the price.  We think if you are looking for an easy to store nice range of flavours the 6 Multi Flavour Slush, Cocktail Syrups from Event Drinks could be what you need.


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