12 Pack of 250ml Slush Syrups Snow Cone Syrups Cocktail Syrups By Jak Products LTD



Over the last couple of decades or so, the humble slushy machine and slushies have experienced a resurgence in popularity, thanks largely to the fact that you can now purchase machines for your own home.  As you are probably aware, as you are visiting our site. 

12 Pack of 250ml Slush Syrups Snow Cone Syrups Cocktail Syrups By Jak Products LTD

Slushies are an interesting thing really, because although they are essentially a very simple combination of highly concentrated sweetener syrups and shaved or crushed ice, they still hit all the right receptors in your brain if you remember having them as a treat when you were a kid and give you that warm feeling inside.

Essential Accessories For Slushy And Snow Cone Makers

So if you have been looking around our site and ordered yourself a nice new slush machine for your kitchen, there is something else that we would strongly advise you invest in – additional syrup packs.  The reason why we recommend that you invest in as many syrup packs as you can is simply because they run out very quickly, especially if you and your family and guests intend on using your slushie maker regularly.

Wider Variety Of Flavours To Choose From

Another reason for investing in some additional packs of syrups is to increase the variety of flavours you have at your disposal.  often if you receive free packs of flavour syrups with slush machines, it will be the standard flavours such as Blue Raspberry and Strawberry.  The really amazing thing about slushies has always been, especially when making them at home, is just how versatile they are.  You can in theory add any strong and sweet drink, particularly from concentrate, to shaved ice to make delicious ice treats.  This is why you should consider the 12 pack of 250 ml Slush Syrups from Jak Products LTD.

Fun Flavours For Children And Adults

Along with the aforementioned standards of Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavour, you also get Blue Bubblegum, Cherry, Cola Cube, Orange, Lemon And Lime flavoured syrups that will suit kids young and old and for fun adult treats – Energy, Sex On The Beach, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita flavoured syrups.

Customer Opinions

It is always worth checking out what other customers thought of a product before investing in it and the best way to do this is to read through the reviews submitted through Amazon UK.  Regarding the Jak Products 12 pack of 250 ml syrup flavours, it appears that over all most customers were very happy with them.  Almost all customers awarded the flavours pack the full 5 star rating, with just one giving it 4 stars and the only negative comments were about certain flavours not tasting quite right.  Therefore, a personal thing.


In conclusion, if you are in the market for additional syrup flavours for your slushy machine, for such a surprisingly low price you should give some serious thought to this 12 pack from Jak Products.


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