Hi there and welcome to Slush Machine, my blog all about slushy drinks and the machines that makes them.  I originally set this blog up when I was on the lookout for a slush machine to use during the little bit of summertime we get here in the UK.

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Who doesn’t love a cool and refreshing slushy drink?  I grew up having these as a treat, especially when we went swimming, went to the zoo or just had lunch in a nice café or restaurant.  It was always one of the first things I looked for when we arrived at a place, whether or not they had a slush machine, so they have always been nostalgic for me.

If you are unsure at this point what I am talking about in reference to slush puppies and slushy drinks, let me explain.  Slush Puppy style drinks are usually a mixture of ice chips and really sweet and tasty syrup.  The machines I remember used to have two different flavours, red and blue, although nowadays you can get a whole range of different flavours.

I had intended on buying a Slush Puppy machine, until I discovered that this was a) the branded version of this type of drink and b) the machines are only available in industrial sizes.(More on that on another page)

The great thing about slush machine drinks is that although they are generally aimed at children, they are the perfect refreshing drinks for people of all ages on hot days.  I don’t know about you, but I often go through phases of being really bored with ordinary fizzy drinks and squashes and fancy something different.  I am looking forward to having barbeques and serving these drinks to all my friends and family.  That way, we all can think back and show our age by trying to remember when we last had one.

I have also read about many recipes on the net to turn the childhood favourite into a much more adult affair.  The favourite way to go about this seems to be to add vodka, which doesn’t sound bad at all to me!

So if like me you are now thirsty for a taste of your childhood, you have the decision to make of which slush machine is going to be best for you.  To help you with that decision, you will find a comparison table and mini-reviews of the 5 best slush machines available at the moment.  The mini-reviews of the slush machines are also expanded on separate pages on this blog.

Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker (colours may vary)

Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker (colours may vary)

This squeeze cup slushy maker by Chill Factor is very unique in that it enables you to make tasty slushy drinks in seconds.  The thing that is even more impressive is that you do not need a blender or ice and there is no mess at all to clear up.  There is only a little bit of prep work with these slushy makers in that you stick them into the freezer until they are frozen.  Then when they are ready to use just add your own or your children’s own preferred chilled drink and your slushy is ready to drink.

Fruit juices, fizzy drinks, even chocolate milk and any others that you can think of can be used to make delicious slushy drinks!  It’s for that reason, the versatility of flavoured drinks you can make and the fact that they are transportable, that this particular slushy maker should be seriously considered.



While this little bad boy might look like the majority of slush machines available, looks can be deceptive.  If you wanted to make a litre of slushy with traditional machines, you could expect it to take around 15 minutes.  With the JM Posner Snowcone/Slushie Maker you just need to pop 10 ice cubes into the chute. Then turn the machine on and it takes around 30 minutes to grind and shave the ice down so that it’s ready for you to add the syrup. It really is as simple as that.  If you need more ice than what 10 cubes produce just repeat the process until you have enough.

To get you started this machine comes with 2 x 500 ml packages of Slush/Snowcone syrup and an instructional booklet that includes a variety of tasty recipes to try out.

Giles & Posner Retro Slush Maker

Giles & Posner Retro Slush Maker

If you have a passion for all things retro, then this slush maker might be the one for you.  It is part of Giles & Posner’s Retro Range and will instantly transport you to a 1950’s diner with its deep red colour and old fashioned look.  As well as looking great, it is also really easy to use and is the perfect addition to any gathering or partner, whether indoors or outdoors.  To make slush drinks with this particular maker, you just need to use crushed ice or ice cubes with a small amount of water and your preferred juice or syrup.  It blends and mixes the ice and syrup and dispenses the finished slushy within 10 to 20 minutes through the easy pour spout.

Andrew James Electric Ice Crusher With Scoop In Stunning Red/Silver Colour

Andrew James Electric Ice Crusher With Scoop In Stunning Red Silver Colour

Considering how highly respected a brand Andrew James is, this is a bargain at the current price.  It is definitely for the more discerning customer with its very slick and modern design.  Although not technically a slush maker, using this to make slushy drinks would just be as easy as using a purpose built machine and for a much lower price.  The major difference really is that you would have to mix your syrup, juice or chosen chilled beverage with the ice in a difference bowl or container. That is hardly going to be a big issue.

As previously mentioned Andrew James is a very popular manufacturer known for producing stylish and very functional kitchen appliances and accessories.  So if you are looking for a cheaper way to make slush drinks that you remember from your childhood, you could do a lot worse than buying this machine.

Chrome Ice Crusher by bar@drinkstuff | Manual Ice Crusher, Ice Grinder, Ice Chopper

Chrome Ice Crusher by bardrinkstuff Manual Ice Crusher, Ice Grinder, Ice Chopper

The final product I have chosen to review, much like the Andrew James machine, is not actually a slush machine but an ice crusher.  This is an extra special ice crusher in my opinion as it is very retro in design and function.  Rather than pushing a button to grind the ice, you have to use a little bit of elbow grease to get that lovely icy snow.

Yes, if you get a kick out of all things retro then you will surely love the fact that this ice crusher is manual.  What could be more satisfying than crushing your own ice than knowing that you put all the energy and power into crushing it?  This would be a perfect talking point for get together’s and parties, You could also encourage your guests to help out when making cocktails or, if you are having a lot of kids round, slush drinks.